Trailer ramps

Construction Materials and Uses of Trailer Ramps

As it is very difficult to lift objects physically to a higher place, especially the heavier ones, rams are used to slide the heavy objects and as a result the whole operation becomes easier. Such similar difficult situation arises while loading a trailer, which is used for transporting heavy vehicles as cars, earthmoving equipments, ATVs etc. and the best solution is to use trailer ramps to load and unload these heavy objects on a trailer.

These ramps are very useful for trailer loading under various situations as shifting houses, bringing equipments on an excursion, shifting cars or other vehicles which are difficult, uneconomical or inconvenient to be driven along.

It is observed that trailer ramps, though meant for the common purposes, are of several types. The difference is on account of metal of construction, end use or the construction of ramp. Depending on use and load carrying equipment trailer ramps are made of various materials as steel, iron or aluminum. Construction-wise they are of two types viz. solid ones and folding ones.

Steel or iron made ramps are normally used for heavy duty operations as they are strong and capable of bearing heavy loads without buckling. But for being prone to rusting, they need regular painting. The painting has to be done for all surfaces properly otherwise rusting can weaken the ramp and it may lead to a very dangerous situation indeed while handling heavy objects.

Aluminum ramps are rust free and light. But they are less strong than the iron ramps regarding load carrying capacity. However, if you plan your requirement, it is possible to choose copper aluminum ramp and ensure it is used within its load bearing capacity.

Based on the construction form trailer ramps are classified as Solid or Folding ramps. This matters a lot when the ramp has to be carried along. Aluminum ramps are normally lighter and folding type and thus they are easy to be carried along. But the unfolding ramps need an under belly assembly in trailer to hold the ramp during transportation. Thus it adds substantially to the cost of trailer.

One ramp supplement product called race ramps is also available in the market. It can help adjust your existing ramp to better loading angle making the loading process easier.


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