Snowmobile ramps

Snowmobiles are all fun and games, until the time comes for them to be loaded onto a truck and taken back to the garage. Then we are talking about no less than 600 pounds that need safe and precise handling. It is not hard to imagine that without the proper equipment, this is pretty much a mission impossible. Because of their weight and specific design, it is recommended that special snowmobile ramps are used to drive the power sleds on and off the transportation vehicles.

The material of choice for snowmobile ramps is most often aluminum. It is light weighed, but at the same time durable and rust resistant. Unlike many other metals, it is not bothered by low temperatures and can tolerate even the coldest weather without becoming breakable or frail.

Snowmobile ramps look somewhat different than your average manmade slope, as they have not one or two, but three main sections. The track of the sled must be positioned on the middle section. In most cases it is constructed of crossbars. This provides both optimal traction and stability. The two skies come respectively to the left and right sides which are usually equipped with sky guide coverage for minimum resistance.

Depending on the model, the safety of the loading process is also guaranteed through the use of chains, hooks, straps or rubber fingers. Their job is to make sure the snowmobile ramps stay in place and do not jeopardize the wellbeing of vehicle and driver. Additional attachments are available to prevent dents and scratches in snowless environments.

When it comes to storage, snowmobile ramps are no inconvenience at all. The two most popular options are foldable and retractable. This translates into almost zero space requirements, as they easily fit under the sleds or at the side of the truck.


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