Slope for wheelchair ramp

Wheelchairs are to make especially abled people more independent and able. And for the wheelchairs to go places the path must be such that the wheelchair can move smoothly. That is the reason ramps are put in houses or hospitals which help wheelchair people to get in and out on their own. What really needs to be seen with careful examination is the slope for wheelchair ramp which is a very important factor when constructing a ramp. The slope and the angle of the ramp are the main building blocks for the ramp which must be proportionate to the length of the ramp. The determined slope for wheelchair ramp needs to be 1 inch in altitude and 12 inches in extent. But the problem is this inclination will be a trouble to use for a lot of people.

A slope for wheelchair ramp must be within 1:16 inches to 1:20 inches which will be simpler for a wheelchair and mobility scooters to traverse. It might be easy for the power run wheelchairs or the scooters to travel on to the higher slopes though. When a slope is built on a landscape, it should always less than 1:20 inches steep. There are defined codes for the steepness to be maintained and when building a slope for wheelchair ramp these codes must be kept in mind and followed correctly and to the last point.

People visiting might be affected with various disabilities or maybe infants who need ramps for various reasons. As the need of our loved ones change so should the structure of our home. There will always be a time when one of our close people may need a ramp. Therefore it is very important that we build the ramp with a slope which is safe to use.


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