Modular Curb Ramp

  • Three Interlocking Lightweight Ramp Sections
  • Additional Panels Can Be Used to Increase Ramp Widths
  • Outside Panels Feature 1.5″ Curbing
  • Anti-Slip High Traction Surface
  • Accommodates Wheelchairs and Scooters With Various Wheel Configurations
BPR3483′47 1/4″24 lbs.800 lbs
BPR4484′47 1/4″32 lbs800 lbs
BPR5485′47 1/4″46 lbs800 lbs
BPR6486′47 1/4″56 lbs800 lbs

*Maximum Ramp Capacity: 400 lbs. for Single Axle 800 lbs. for Two Axles

Panneau central additionnel

BPRS3173′17 1/4″9 lbs.
BPRS4174′17 1/4″12 lbs
BPRS5175′17 1/4″17 lbs
BPRS6176′17 1/4″21 lbs



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