Folding ramps

The handicapped and the old or people with mobility problems need not feel left out of our society as there are solutions. The concept of folding ramps actually came up when many people with physical disabilities experience problems with mobility in  going up stairs.  There are times when heavy packages need to be lifted to a higher ground for which these folding ramps are the easiest solution.

These folding ramps are mainly light weight and therefore can be pick and taken anywhere easily. They are very simple to open and close without much mess and very compact and look almost like a big size briefcase when folded up. They are generally made of a very durable material and welded together for stronger support so that they don’t break easily. Most of these foldable stuff generally starts to weaken at the joints. But these ramps are made in such a way that they have a support under the folds which help it sustain any amount of weight. They are strong and do not break. The main feature for any ramp whether foldable or not is the surface.

Folding ramps

They are made of material which will not allow wheelchairs or packages to slip or skid. They are made with material which will give a friction like feel when used. Snow time is when the surface will truly show its colors and give a strong grip to the wheelchairs or heavy luggage being hauled into or out of vehicles.


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