Bike Ramps

Bike Ramps Give Signal the Start of the Adventure of Your Motorcycle Ride

Bike ramps and Motorcycle ramps are basically the same, as both assist the driver to ascend from the lower level to the next higher level without having to lift a finger in doing so. It is also used for unloading purposes. The ramps are commonly used when transporting the vehicle using another vehicle like a pickup truck or cargo vans. It is truly usual that the owners opt to move their bikes at a higher level by lifting this right from the ground. Maybe you can do this at a certain time but doing it continuously will require great strength and endurance. Not to mention that in case the force is not sufficient to place the bike on a safer position on top, the bike will surely get some damage parts as it falls on the ground.

The commonly used and available bike ramps are made of steel and aluminum. The lighter is aluminum and that is why many who own smaller bikes opt for this.

The different types of bike ramps

The choices of ramps and their descriptions are as follows:

  • Portable ramps – setting up, disassembly and storage is done manually. Uses safety straps to secure this in place. This is composed of three different separate ramps that can be connected using either bolts or pins. The center ramp is sturdier than the two side ramps as it holds the weight of the rider and the motorcycle. The side ramps are just there to allow the driver to place his/her feet when balancing the bike. These bike ramps can also be used for ATVs. Shorter portable ramp are also available.
  • Hitch mounted ramps – this type of ramps as the name itself implies are mounted to the hitch part of the truck. It is advantageous in the sense that it reduces the weight of the tailgate and flips up storage, allowing more room of the bed part for additional storage.
  • Bed mounted ramps – these bike ramps reattached to the bed of the truck or the trailer. It generally slides out from a platform that the motorcycle sits on, and it can again be stored under the platform after use. When using, it eliminates the stress on the tailgate because the load is supported both by the ramp and by the bed.

If you are in a low budget, bike ramps could be made even of wood as long as it is strong enough to carry the weight of the bike. Best if wooden bars are screwed or nailed to so that there is a hindrance that can prevent the wheel from sliding down.


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